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Every day, ALMA has an extensive and varied menu assortment. Click on the name of a specific ALMA restaurant to see the menus for that location. You can also view the menus for the week for all locations. And regularly there are theme weeks and special offers.

ALMA's restaurants and cafeterias strive to be more than just a place where you come to eat and drink. ALMA is also a source of information about what's on in Leuven. You can post ads on the bulletin boards and be assured of a broad student audience, including many people from other countries. Or you can have us organize your next party. Interested in making some extra money? Why not apply for a job at Alma.

For more information, consult the FAQ or contact us.

Check here the updated opening calender during the exams and holidays (May 26th-August 1st).
Check here the updated opening calender during the holidays (August 1st-September 28th).

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