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New menu at ALMA from 14 february


New menu at ALMA from 14 February

ALMA is dishing up a new menu on 14 February! From then onwards, ALMA 1, 2, 3, Gasthuisberg and KULAK will be serving a choice of three hot meals a day. The menu will change every three weeks – meaning there’s always something new to try – [HS1] and the classic and vegetarian daily specials are priced at just €3.95. Spaghetti Bolognaise or vol-au-vent with fries costs €5.30. Enjoy a delicious, healthy and affordable hot meal at ALMA every day of the week.

We’re going to be straight with you: ALMA is experiencing turbulent times. Our student restaurants are also suffering due to the pandemic. Corona and its consequences have forced us to re-think our operations. We have to make fewer staff and resources go further. And that’s not easy to swallow.

But ALMA wants to turn a negative into a positive. We’ve scrutinised our operations and found more efficient ways to work. But on top of this, we’ve also taken customer feedback into account.

The result? A new menu that fills us with optimism – inspired by you!

The new ALMA menu...

...makes your mouth water every day

Starting on 14 February, the large ALMAs (ALMA 1, 2, 3, Gasthuisberg and KULAK) will offer a choice of three hot meals a day.

There’ll be two daily specials, classic and vegetarian (the menu rotates every three weeks). On top of the two specials, ALMA will also serve one of three bistro dishes: spaghetti Bolognaise, vegetarian spaghetti or vol-au-vent (with fries!).

... celebrates the crowd pleasers

We listened! Our beloved ALMA classics are back by popular demand (not that they ever really went away). Keep an eye on the menu of your favourite ALMA restaurant and join us for unbeatable daily specials, such as the legendary ALMA burger, the better-than-my-grandmother’s ham and chicory rolls with mashed potato, or the spicy pitta.

... is easy on your wallet

Enjoy a hot meal at ALMA for just €3.95. This is the new price for all warm dishes. Only the spaghetti Bolognaise and vol-au-vent cost €5.30. Our most expensive dishes (€7) have been removed from the menu. Great food at bargain prices!

The new menu is launching on 14 February at ALMA 1, 2, 3, Gasthuisberg and KULAK. Want to see what’s on offer at your favourite ALMA? Go to and click on your preferred ALMA via the homepage or drop-down menu. You’ll find the daily menu listed on the restaurant’s page.

Yes, there’s a different feel to ALMA. But some things never change. Luckily! Fancy an extra portion of chips? No problem! Free chilled tap water? Help yourself! Fancy a coffee? Grab a friend for a chat!

Welcome to ALMA!

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