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Match prediction Red Devils - World Cup 2022 Qatar

Competition rules

1. Any customer of Alma can participate in this competition.

2. You can participate by entering your email address and the number of your student card or staff card on the prediction postcards for this competition.

3. By completing the prediction postcard, you agree to the competition rules. By filling in the postcard, you give Alma vzw permission to process your data and store them in the files of Alma vzw. Each participant has the right to request this data for inspection for control purposes, or to have it removed from the files of Alma vzw. The personal data are mandatory for the logistical handling of the competition. Alma vzw will treat and process the personal data of participants in this competition in accordance with its privacy policy (

4. Participation is free of charge.

5. You can only submit one prediction per match.

6. You can submit your prediction of the match in the appropriate World Cup boxes at the following locations:

Centre of Leuven: Alma 1, Alma 2, Group T, 't Academisch kwartier;
Campus Arenberg: De Moete, Alma 3, ESAT2, Alma Quadrivium;
Campus Gasthuisberg: Alma Gasthuisberg
Campus Kortrijk: Alma Kulak restaurant.

7. The winners will be contacted by email and can collect their prize with this email. Alma will select 10 winners per match based on the completed prediction cards. Each winner will receive one free portion of chocolate mousse after handing over the coupon mailed to them for this purpose.

8. Winners can collect their prize at one of the student restaurants of Alma:

Alma 1, 2, 3, Group T, 't Academisch kwartier, De Moete, Alma 3, ESAT2, Alma Quadrivium, Alma Gasthuisberg, Alma Kulak in Kortrijk.

9. Winners can collect their prize until the last day of the World Cup (18/12/2022).

10. The competition will be concluded on the day the Red Devils play their final match at this World Cup.

11. This is an initiative of student restaurants Alma vzw, Celestijnenlaan 97, 3001 Leuven.