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An overview of some changes

Alma 2 is open again

From this academic year onwards, you can once again visit Alma 2 for hot meals and oven-fresh sandwiches. At lunchtime and in the evening.

Variety & sustainability

To offer even more variety, the Alma 2 menus are different from those of the other Alma restaurants.

At Alma, we try to do our best to make KU Leuven more sustainable. We do this by no longer serving red meat and by focusing on vegetarian meals at Alma 2. From this academic year on, you will also be able to order a vegan meal instead of a vegetarian meal in all Alma restaurants on Thursdays.

In our food corners, we offer a renewed range of hot snacks and desserts. Don't forget to enjoy a freshly baked Li├Ęge waffle when you're near Alma gasthuisberg.

Our locations

Besides the reopening of Alma 2, from now on you can also visit our well-known "De Moete" on campus Arenberg again. To serve you even better and faster on campus Arenberg, you can go for sandwiches and snacks at both De Moete and the Quadrivium.

We hope to welcome you back in large numbers for a tasty break in one of our Alma's after 2 difficult years. See you soon!

The Alma team