Rules tomato contest 24h run 2019

Competition rules 24h course

Each person participating in the throwing game on Tuesday, October 22 a chance to win a duo ticket for the VIP meal. This only if the instructions of the Alma staff who are on site, is strictly followed.

The person within 24sec. Most stressbaltomaten in the designated bins can throw at a specified distance (by Alma staff on site) wins a duoticet the VIP meal.

The person in question is notified with a personalized message through social media.
Does this person have any social media account, he or she must indicate how Alma can reach him or her. We have no data, you can not be notified and the prize goes to the person with the 2nd best score.

You can participate in group. It is thrown together. The number of tomatoes in baking is divided by the number of participants. One can but shed as many as there are stressbaltomaten.
The VIP dinner is only awarded to two men

, there is one individual who can win a duo ticket either a group who wins two tickets.