Price adjustment academic year 2018 2019, access to the Alma and product offer

Dear Alma visitor,

We prefer to offer you tasty and healthy meals at the lowest possible price with the best service.

Food prices have already risen again in the past year and food prices are rising faster than the general index. A continuation of this trend is expected for the new academic year. In addition to the raw materials, Alma, as a loyal employer, must also take into account wage indexation, baremic increases, collective labor agreements and other legal obligations. The other costs are also rising and the sharply rising energy prices mean that Alma is looking at a firm energy bill next year.

The government subsidies must make it possible to offer cheaper meals. These subsidies have not been indexed for years, as a result of which the balance between income and expenditure has become unbalanced.

Unfortunately, all of this forces us to adjust our prices. For hot meals there is a price adjustment of 20ct, 25ct, 35ct depending on the meal category, so the new prices are 3.60 €, 4.85 €, 6.45 € respectively. The snacks up to 1 € increase by 5ct. Snacks from 1 € to 3 € are adjusted by 15ct. For snacks more than 3 € comes 20ct.

These adjustments are necessary. Because in the future Alma also wants to offer sustainable, healthy, high-quality meals in an environment where it is pleasant to stay. An environment where sustainability and diversity are not idle words. Alma has invested in this in recent years. Among other things, there are the new food corners' t Academisch kwartier, Esat II, a completely new full service restaurant on Campus Gasthuisberg. The innovations will continue this year. Alma 2 will be contemporary with a focus on healthy and sustainable food, and the food corner on campus Group T will also be completely renewed.

We cannot serve you without a student card or staff card

Students and staff of KU Leuven who come to eat at Alma do not pay VAT on their meal. Because of this "education-VAT exemption", Alma should not install a registered cash register system in its student restaurants.

Due to the stricter application of VAT legislation and the absence of a registered cash register system, Alma has to ensure that only restaurants that are exempt from VAT are provided in its restaurants.

In concrete terms, this means that from now on only students and staff members of KU Leuven will have access to meals in the Alma restaurants. The student card or staff card are valid as proof.

Third parties, who are not exempt from VAT in the context of the education exemption cannot be served. The product offer of the Alma restaurants is only accessible to students and KU Leuven staff members. We cannot serve you without a student card or staff card (application of VAT legislation).